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Purity at the center of our products

At PUREgrace we work tirelessly to source and develop the safest combination of fabrics to give our customers the most luxurious line of infant, toddler, and now adult, bedding products. It is our primary goal to give you exponentially higher quality products than the 'market norm'. That's why we took our time developing each product to ensure quality and safety standards are exceeded in all areas. All of our products contain TENCEL, which is an amazing fiber found in nature and derived from eucalyptus trees. It is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and more absorbent than cotton. The process to make TENCEL fibers is very straight forward and only one non-toxic organic compound is used in the manufacturing process. This means, you get a pure unbleached, non-dyed fiber with unmatched features without using chemicals. With naturally hypoallergenic properties and perfect moisture management, TENCEL is the fiber of the future.   

Our Products are made to travel

  • Our toddler pillow may say toddler in the name, but it's made for everyone!  Perfect for travel, pregnant mamas, and extra knee/back support for for any adult.
  • Our 2-in-1 Playard Sheet & Protector has it all.  No need to travel with a separate mattress protector and sheet, as our product is a silky smooth waterproof sheet keeping baby safe and comfortable & the playard clean and dry.
  • Once traveling is over and it's time to wash all those germs off the bedding you will be amazed at how our products come out of the wash like new every time! 

Natural fibers don't have to be delicate

While all of our products contain TENCEL, a botanic fiber, they were specifically developed to stand up to kids and frequent washing.  TENCEL actually gets softer the more you wash it, and our customers rave about how our products wash like a dream! Note, that TENCEL does not pill as easily as standard cotton, and washing TENCEL actually increases the softness of the fiber.  We at PUREgrace pride ourselves on providing children with luxurious bedding; they deserve the highest quality fabrics for their sensitive skin.  Our products are non-toxic and free from pesticides and herbicides; we do not use flame retardants, dust-mite repellents, or mold/mildew inhibiting chemicals.