Natural bedding and mattress covers

Safety and Luxury

At PUREgrace we have worked tirelessly to source and combine the safest combination of fabrics to give you and your little one the best sleep surface.  

As parents, we are constantly questioning our decisions regarding our children, and we always want the best, but where do we draw the line?  What do we spend our money on and how do we know it's worth it? It is our primary goal to give you exponentially higher quality mattress protectors than the 'market norm'.

Diapers leak, accidents happen, and potty training takes time.  When you've purchased a new mattress for your little one, you want a product that's going to protect that new mattress investment.  Since we know this, we developed a luxurious product made of fibers, from nature, that will also withstand those potty training nights by offering superior protection.

So when it comes to making all those decisions about children's products, let us make it easy on you.  Buy quality bedding once, and then wash it over and over and over ; )